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    主题 timberland damesschoenen Apple wins patent on gogg

    Apple wins patent on goggles with hat tip to Oculus Rift,timberland kopen

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    Apple has won a patent that's awfully different from anything the company is selling right now,mbt schoenen aanbieding.

    Apple on Wednesday was awarded a patent on what is essentially goggles, but might be given a more tech friendly description as a head mounted display. The device is worn on a person's face and allows him or her to view everything from video games to movies to television shows. It's designed to work with mobile devices,timberland nederland, like the iPhone,michael kors, as well as an

    Apple TV, according to Patently Apple,new balance hardloopschoenen, which earlier obtained a copy of the patent award.

    Head mounted displays are nothing new,timberlands dames, of course. But perhaps what's most interesting about the Apple invention is that it's a major departure from any other products the company sells. That alone makes it possible that Apple has been testing the technology and despite patenting its design,timberlands dames, will not actually launch it.

    Apple at work on full 4K display support in Mavericks,nike free run 2, report says

    Ex Apple CEO Sculley said to have Indian smartphone plans

    Apple eyes fingerprint sensors to connect various devices

    Apple's SXSW iTunes Festival app doesn't require iOS 7,nike sneakers.1

    Apple's iOS 7,new balance 574.0,timberland sale.6 passes 50% adoption rate   report

    At first blush, Apple's device looks awfully similar to the Oculus Rift,ralph lauren, another head mounted device that's all the rage in the gaming world right now.

    To make its invention unique,michael kors horloge, however,ralph lauren outlet, Apple has integrated biometric features into the device,nike running shoes, like fingerprint and retina scanning, to determine which person is wearing it. From there,new balance sale, the device adjusts the goggle system to ensure it provides the proper experience to the user. The patent describes a method by which someone with a prescription could input their measurements,michael kors horloges, and after identifying themselves,ralph lauren online shop nederland, could see the device adjust to reflect their eyesight requirements. That would eliminate the need to wear glasses while using the device.

    So,ralph lauren outlet, what does the future hold for Apple's head mounted display technology? There's no way to tell. Like most companies,mbt nederland, Apple invents technologies that never see the light of day. It's possible this might end up in that category or hit store shelves in the future.
    roger1936 发表于:2014-3-12 10:45:03